Popular Bethel store no longer allowed to sell alcohol

Wednesday morning, the AC Quickstop in Bethel will no longer be able to sell alcohol after a unanimous decision by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

A pair of black bears were captured and euthanized in Eagle River following a series of bear-related property destruction, and being deemed beyond rehabilitation by wildlife officials.

A civil rights group in Washington D.C. has filed a federal lawsuit against several Alaska corrections officials, alleging that Muslim inmates at the Anchorage Correctional Complex are not being given enough food during the month of Ramadan.

Metlakatla's roots in Alaska started in 1887, when lay Anglican missionary William Duncan led 826 Tsimshian people on a 70-mile journey from British Columbia to an abandoned Tlingit village on Annette Island with the approval of President Cleveland.

Anchorage educators push for Alaska Natives' success and graduation

Juneau Crime Line doubles DUI bounty to $400

Hawaii volcano produces blue flames from methane

APD says average speed on the Glenn Highway is 75

Prosecutors focus on phones in Almandinger Trial

RoadTrippin': Metlakatla and preserving Alaska's dying languages

Governor touts LNG at Opportunity Alaska: China Trade Mission in Chengdu

Denali Park Rangers mount 2 rescues of injured climbers Sunday

Farming program helps addicted mom's recovery

Deadliest Catch' star pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault

Alaska man pleads guilty in Florida airport shooting

Dimond's Dey siblings bond over soccer

Palmer latest on list of Alaska cities banning plastic bag use

The Depths of Downtown: Business owners and the homeless locked in no-win situation

Former Ft. Wainwright soldier sentenced for child porn crimes

Muslim inmates sue Alaska corrections officials over policy

Stand or stay out of sight: NFL takes on anthem protesters

$140M approved by lawmakers for Alaska's marine highway

US health chief pledges more action if Ebola spreads

AP source: Jared Kushner granted permanent security clearance

Uber puts brakes on self-driving car operation in Arizona

Mexican Mafia busted for running crime in LA County jails

Tugboat stranded in Gastineau Channel without removal plan

Winds pick up with more clouds and cooler temps Wednesday

Homeless or Homesteading: Can Anchorage solve its illegal camping problem in city parks?

UPDATE: Senate approves bill to widen private care at VA

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Federal prosecutors open Harvey Weinstein investigation in New York

The news comes as a state grand jury has been convened to look into similar charges, according to two sources familiar with the case.

'We just have to heal a different way': Santa Fe, Parkland diverge after school shootings

Santa Fe residents still largely associate guns with hunting and family traditions, not mass shootings.

New NFL policy will fine teams if players kneel during anthem

The league says, "Protests created a false perception among many that thousands of NFL players were unpatriotic."

Fireworks erupt at Capitol Hill hearing on Olympics sex abuse

'You should resign!" one lawmaker told the head of the U.S. Olympic Committee

Here's where Ebola might spread

U.S. falls low on the list