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Military Appreciation Week in Anchorage

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Boston suspect not shot in back, clergy say

A Boston man fatally shot by police after he waved a knife at officers was not on the phone at the time of the shooting and was not shot in the back, as had been reported by a relative, according to clergy and civic leaders who met with authorities W...

Doctor's office

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Teens' search for health advice starts with Google

These days, many teens are looking for all the answers -- for better or worse -- starting with a Google search box.

Anthony Trakemon Powell & Prosha Nicole Land


Texas father charged in toddler's death

A Texas father has been charged with capital murder after his son died following an alleged beating. .

Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator


NASA to test flying saucer

Keep an eye on the skies over Hawaii on Wednesday. If all goes to plan, NASA will be testing out a saucer-shaped craft that could hold the key to a future human mission to Mars.

S Korea MERS

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

South Korea grapples to contain MERS

The World Health Organization warned that the MERS outbreak in South Korea is likely to grow, as the number of people under quarantine crept up to 1,369 on Wednesday, with 30 confirmed cases of the disease.

So far, two people have died after contracti...


Richard Soh/SXC

Woman killed by lion was 'kind, adventurous'

Katherine Chappell went to South Africa on a volunteer mission to protect wildlife.

But as the American was taking photos of a pride of lions at a safari park on Monday, one of them leaped up against the vehicle she was in and fatally attacked her, ac...

Hyde Park, London


10 most popular cities for travelers in 2015

London, the city of the Tower Bridge (with a new glass walkway), drinks as dinner, royal babies and the world's greatest tabloid headline writers, is forecast to be the most popular travel destination of 2015.

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