UPDATE: A night of 'insane winds,' evacuations as fire burns Chiniak homes

A fast-moving wildfire has burned a library and several homes in a small, rural Kodiak Island community.

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Anchorage firefighters need help filling their boots

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Erika track Fri am


Tropical Storm Erika soaks Dominica; 12 dead

Images from the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica show the devastation after Tropical Storm Erika left at least 12 dead.

One road is cut in half. A plane floats through what used to be an airport runway.

Trisha Scotland said the storm damage is the wo...

New Orleans sky view

Mario Tama/ Getty

A friendship forged by Katrina

Hurricane Katrina ripped into Pascagoula, Mississippi, with unprecedented strength 10 years ago. Churning waters 4 feet high carried a mix of raw sewage and mud through the classrooms at Resurrection Catholic School, ripping maps and posters off the ...

Austria cops

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Arrests in Italy, Hungary, in migrant deaths

Authorities in Hungary and Italy have made arrests in the deaths of scores migrants and refugees this week, including 71 whose bodies were found in an abandoned truck in Austria.

Those who died in Austria -- most likely fleeing war-ravaged Syria -- pr...

Stock market traders

Emmanuel Tambakakis/CNN

Stocks: Wild ride not over yet

The wild ride for stocks may not be over yet.

Hurricane Katrina damage

Barry Williams/Getty Images

Poll: Americans worried about another Katrina

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, nearly half of Americans still think the country has not learned lessons from the tragedy and is not much better prepared for future natural disasters, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.


Rich Brooks/CNN

Businesses outraged by ruling to help fast-food unions

Businesses are outraged by a decision that makes it easier to unionize fast-food workers and other low wage employees that make up a growing part of the U.S. economy.

Flanagans car

Virginia State Police via CNN

WDBJ slayings: Disguises found in getaway car

He carefully choreographed the slaying of the two journalists for maximum shock value. And, judging from the items found in his car, he took equally meticulous steps to get away with it.

But a text message to a friend may have been Vester Lee Flanagan...

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