School bond moratorium passes legislature

School bonds -adam and caslon

The Alaska House moved Senate Bill 64 out of the legislature Wednesday, after nearly 2 hours of debate.

'Vote Yes' proponents claim signs are being stolen

A supporter of AO 37 discovered several "Vote Yes on One" signs were stolen from the intersection of 100 Avenue and Victor Street.

Fresh Fears that Prop 3 Failure Could Imperil Loussac Library

Prop 3 would have given the library $2.75 million for remodeling and upgrades. If it fails--a fate that's still far from certain--Assembly member Bill Starr fears it could threaten support and money from lawmakers in Juneau.

Anchorage Elections Turnout Stands at 3-Year Low

Anchorage Elections Turnout Stands at 3-Year Low

More than 98 percent of the votes have been counted after last night’s midterm election.

Election Bodes Assembly Power Shift

Eleven seats on the Anchorage Assembly are an odd number, one that often means the balance of power can work for or against a sitting mayor. But last night's election could mean changes are on the horizon.

Early Results in Assembly Races show East Upset, Close South Race

Election Race

Unofficial election results Wednesday morning show an upset in the three-way East Anchorage race and a close lead in a second three-candidate campaign for the vacant South Anchorage seat.

Petersen Holds Early Lead, Could Shift Assembly Balance

Tuesday seems to be a good night to be an Anchorage Assembly incumbent, with initial municipal election returns generally favoring members of the body over their challengers.

Most Anchorage Bonds and Propositions Ahead in Tuesday Voting

All Anchorage Bonds and Propositions Ahead in Tuesday Voting

Anchorage voters were willing to fund a wide array of city construction and renovation projects Tuesday night, with eight of nine bonds and propositions to streamline city code passing by safe margins.

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