Mark Martinson is a full-time chemistry instructor at the University of Alaska Anchorage who is running to represent District 1 in the Anchorage Assembly.

The district is composed of downtown and the edge of East Anchorage.

The 62-year-old has three grown children and is running as a nonpartisan. He said he jumped into the race when he realized two-term incumbent Patrick Flynn was running unopposed.

"I can't have him run unopposed," Martinson said. "Let's talk about these issues."

The top issue for Martinson is pushing Anchorage to become a more energy-efficient, environmentally conscious city.

"Before we build any more new public buildings, I think we should insulate the ones we have," he said. "The glass roof of the Loussac Library and the glass walls of the Loussac are good examples."

Martinson is opposed by Patrick Flynn, a two-term incumbent