Bill Starr is the longest-serving member on the Anchorage Assembly. The Eagle River resident was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2006 and has been elected twice since.

The 52-year-old businessman is seeking a third and final term representing the northern stretch of the Municipality of Anchorage, which is composed of Chugiak, Eagle River, Peters Creek and the edge of East Anchorage.

Starr is one of the leading conservatives on the assembly and is closely involved in city budget matters.

He said the goal of his final term is to make sure Eagle River remains its uniqueness and continues to develop in a way that will avoid what he considers past mistakes of Anchorage.

"We don't need the Anchorage solution to be out here," he said. "We're doing just fine, so a lot of my time has been spent sort of fending off that Anchorage-style solution."

Starr is opposed by Sharon Gibbons, who works for the federal public defender office