Adam Trombley was first elected to represent East Anchorage on the Assembly three years ago, and he is now seeking another term.

He is opposed by former state Rep. Pete Petersen and political newcomer Mao Tosi.

The father of two describes himself as a conservative. He often sides with Mayor Dan Sullivan, supporting Sullivan-backed issues like the contentious labor ordinance AO-37.

Trombley points to his record as the reason he should be voted in for three year more years: by his measure he kept down the growth of government and moved forward with a community plan for Anchorage.

"One of the things that was really big but we got accomplished at our last meeting was Muldoon Park," Trombley said. "That was really big. We've got very high-density housing in East Anchorage, and they want those open green spaces."

Trombley is opposed by Pete Petersen and Mao Tosi