Marcus Lewis

Film Critic

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Marcus was born in Newcastle, Indiana in 1947 and decided to move to Spokane, Washington when he was four years old. He took his mother with him.

He went through the Spokane School District, much to his teachers' dismay, but was socially promoted year after year and with much reluctance, was given a high school diploma from Shadle Park High School.

From there he went to Eastern Washington University and after changing majors five times (isn't that what everybody does?), graduated with a bachelor's degree in communications and a minor in journalism in 1970. He worked at Kaiser Aluminum full time while going to school and during a layoff in 1972 he took his first radio job in Spokane. He also worked on the air in the Tri-Cities and Seattle before coming to Anchorage in 1975 where he did the morning show on KFQD until 1989. He has been doing mornings on Magic 98.9FM since 1990.

In 1990 he did some part-time TV weather and in 1991 he started doing movie reviews on KTUU. The reason he is still at his current radio and TV jobs is because he is the oldest employee and no one, especially his superiors, wants that distinction. Plus Marcus always lets them beat him at golf.

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