1 out of 14 Alaskan workers rely on SNAP to feed family

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) A recent study by the center on Budget and Policy Priorities reveals that 1 in 14 workers in statewide rely on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, Alaska's food stamp program, to help put food on the table.

This past year, the study found about 25,300 Alaskan workers participated in the program.

According to the report, most people participating in the program work in service, office and sales jobs.

Each month participants receive money on a 'quest card' that can be used at grocery stores. The card can also be used at local farmers markets, but recently vendors at the Anchorage farmers market say a lack of infrastructure and information has created a disconnect.

"It's just by word of mouth right now that new shoppers come down," said Sarah Bean, co-owner of Arctic Organics. "They'll see our sign posted behind our cashing out station, and they'll say, 'oh you'll take my quest card, that's great.'"

Bean says she has been a regular vendor at the Anchorage Farmers Market for 28 years and believes Arctic Organics is the only vendor which still has the equipment necessary to swipe quest cards to make a purchase and get wooden tokens to spend at other vendor booths.