2 nuisance Alaska bears relocated from Petersburg

A female bear with a GPS collar. The collar allows researchers to remotely monitor this bear's movements over a 2 year period, and will help answer questions about how she uses food resources like plants, berries, and salmon.
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PETERSBURG, Alaska (AP) - Two nuisance bears that were lurking around Petersburg have been captured and relocated.

KFSK-FM reported Monday that a 200-pound (91-kilogram) bear was caught Sept. 3 near downtown Petersburg, which followed the capture of a slightly smaller bear in August. The bears were dropped near Farragut Bay and Thomas Bay.

Fish and Game wildlife biologist Rich Lowell says the relocated bears are part of a busy year. Lowell says Petersburg residents might have become complacent with their garbage after two quiet years in a row for bears.

Officials are urging residents to keep best practices in mind, especially those participating in the moose hunting season that begins Sept. 15.