Group looking to restore gravestones of Bat Masterson's relatives

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- Before running the Wild West, Bat Masterson grew up just north of Wichita, Kansas.

While Masterson was laid to rest in New York City, a lot of his immediate family stayed in the area and are buried in Highland Cemetery in Wichita.

"Well, when I found the stones, they're in very, very bad shape. They're sunken. They're in need of cleaning," said Barbara Myers of Friends of the Wichita Pioneers. "They're in need of attention and you know, bringing them out of the dirt so we can give the family the respect that's due to everyone at that cemetery."

Contacting Masterson descendants before restoring the headstones isn't just a matter of respect, but a requirement by the city.

"We have the city's approval since it's a city parks property," said Mary Myers.

The Myers say it's usually easy to contact relatives of those enshrined on the headstones. But they've have no luck contacting anyone related to Bat Masterson.

"We cannot find family. We've tried all kinds of different avenues. I don't really know... At this point, we've tried Ancestry, we've tried all kinds of computer programs that exist," said Myers. "We're just not having any luck. So were asking for the people of Wichita's help."

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