A warning from one frequent flyer to others

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) Traveling can be stressful.

Alaska Airlines Plane

But for Brandon West — he says a recent trip from Seattle to Anchorage turned from the usual stress to downright humiliation.

West said with most of his family in the lower 48, he travels a lot.

Being 6'4", there's one seat he likes to pay extra for when it's available, a premium seat with four inches of additional leg room.

"It's very hard to sit in a regular seat because my knees touch the people in the front. I can't even actually put down my tray because they're just too close together," West said.

While catching a connecting flight this week from Seattle to Anchorage, West told Channel 2 News he was asked to move from a sixth row premium seat, he paid for, to a smaller spot in the back row — but only after he asked for a seat belt extender.

He says after moving to the back of the plane he complained and was ultimately asked by a supervisor to leave the aircraft.

A spokesperson for Alaska Airlines said West was asked to get off the plane because he was not following the crew's instructions.

Alaska Airlines said in a statement, it all comes down to safety. In a phone conversation with Channel 2 News a spokesperson said for passengers on bulkhead rows like one and six, where West booked a ticket, air bags are a part of the seat belts and extenders cause them to disable.

A spokesperson for the airline wrote "We will use this unfortunate situation to review the language explaining this policy to ensure that the policy included on our website is clear for all guests."

KTUU asked the airline if this was a common complaint from travelers.

A spokesperson said no, becausetheir policies are clear and this particular stipulation is enforced by several airlines.

The bottom line is, read the fine print when booking a ticket to make sure you know all of the airlines policies.

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