Another Alaska community puzzled by state's road painting

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PETERSBURG, Alaska (AP) - The state's new system for painting yellow lines on roads has hit Petersburg, a month after leaving Ketchikan officials baffled.

KFSK-FM reports that Petersburg motorists are complaining about the new yellow lines, which they say are smeared across the road and have stained vehicles.

Petersburg borough assembly member and former city mayor Jeff Meucci said he had paint on his vehicle's mirror, running board and bumper - similar to what happened to Ketchikan Gateway Borough Mayor David Landis.

The Department of Transportation acknowledged the paint is taking a long time to dry. Lance Mearig, the department's south coast director, apologized for inconveniences. He said the state used the same equipment it used in Ketchikan.

The state is scheduled to paint Juneau's roads next, but Mearig said they might use a different paint for that.