DATA VIZ: Most unwanted technology items post-Christmas


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In the 48 hours post-Christmas, Alaskans most commonly traded-in “Mad Max: Fury Road” on Blu-Ray to Decluttr, a website the purchases consumers’ unwanted technology items.

Between Christmas Day and Dec. 26, a total of 525,342 CDs, DVDs, video games, phones, books and other technology items were traded-in, nationally, according to Decluttr’s study.

In response to a Mitchell Communications Group interview, Liam Howley, marketing director of Decluttr, said, "The Christmas period is always our busiest time of year as thousands of customers come to us to sell the items that have been replaced by newer gifts – whether that’s CDs, DVDs, video games or tech items. What’s more, people find that they have overspent on presents, or have received gifts they know they won’t use, so need an easy way to either make money from these unwanted items, or simply get rid of the clutter."

On a national level, consumers most frequently traded-in One Direction’s “Take Me Home” album, as Decluttr collected 9,916 CD copies. This is very relevant to the states of California, Washington, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri and Kentucky. Either the boy band’s popularity is waning, or people are turning more towards digital downloads.

The most popular DVD to trade-in was “Frozen.” The most popular video game to trade-in was “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.” And the most popular cell phone to trade in was the iPhone 6.

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