DMV officials talk changes for Alaskans following REAL ID law

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Don't rush to the Department of Motor Vehicles just yet. With the signing of the REAL ID bill into state law, the DMV says it's not actually able to make the compliant cards or licenses until January 1, 2019.

"That gives the DMV enough time to put in the new processes, the internal processes, and the new computer system changes that need to take place," Marla Thompson, the Director of the DMV for the state of Alaska said.

The REAL ID card or drivers license will cost an additional $20 dollars.

Alaskans will also be required to bring in multiple personal documents to get the upgrade such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate or passport.

The DMV says both compliant and non-compliant licenses will be issued every eight years instead of the current five year limit.

DMV staff said Alaskans have a choice in which license they get; however, those who do not get a REAL ID compliant form of documentation will need to have alternative documents to access military bases and airplanes.

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