DOT: April comes with more Motorcycle crashes

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Anchorage, (KTUU) April in Alaska comes with longer days and more motorcycles on the road. The Alaska Department of Transportation says the month is also when it sees more motorcycle crashes.

“They get a swift increase in April and as you can see in the last week we’ve had a lot more motorcyclists get out on their bikes and enjoy this gorgeous weather we’re having,” said Spokesperson Shannon McCarthy.

DOT has taken to social media to encourage safety riding practices. One of its posts on Twitter reads “Biker hear looks good in a Helmet!”

“You know there’s always the cliché of you know when you go out on a motorcycle that your hear gets all messed up and why not just cover it up with a helmet, just go for it. That gives you the extra protection that you need,” McCarthy said.

The department tracked serious and fatal crashes between 200 and 2012 and found motorcycles make up for percent of the driving public but 10 percent of the serious crashes.

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