Plants, but no pot to sell; marijuana shop has limited opening in Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) It wasn't the official grand opening, but a marijuana store in Anchorage did open for business Friday, even though customers were not be able to buy anything to smoke.

Bryant Thorp, the owner of Arctic Herbery, only had "clones" to sell, which are marijuana starter plants that customer can grow at home. He hopes to have cannabis-related inventory to sell sometime next week.

When asked what it felt like to finally be opening his store, Thorp said,
"A lot of anxiety. It is very cool to actually be open and to have a product."

Customers lined up for Arctic Herbery's partial opening. Thorp said, "It wasn't overwhelming, nothing we couldn't quite control and keep track of. It was fun... it has been a constant line all day as well, too."

Arctic Herbery was originally scheduled to open during the first week of November, but Thorp's municipal license was suspended after he allegedly gave away free samples of marijuana. The issue was resolved by Thorpe paying an $1,100 fine, and the Anchorage Assemble voted Tuesday night to allow him to open his store.

In early November, state regulators issued two violation notices to Thorp for giving away free samples, but later decided not to pursue an action against him.

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