Judge denies to expedite hearing to allow invocation op-ed

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KENAI, Alaska KENAI, Alaska (AP) - An Alaska Superior Court judge has denied a Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly member's request for an expedited hearing that would have allowed him to publish an op-ed supporting an ordinance that would remove prayer from the beginning of assembly meetings.

The Peninsula Clarion reports that Homer assembly member Willy Dunne was challenging the assembly's contract with a legal nonprofit that is representing the assembly against a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska. The contract prohibits assembly members from making public statements without approval.

Dunne has sponsored an ordinance that would remove the invocation from the beginning of assembly meetings. He wanted to publish an opinion article about his ordinance before public meetings.

Policy currently allows invocations from members of religious organizations that have established local presences and regular meetings. The ACLU has called this policy unconstitutional.

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