Makeshift flamethrower used to set Kenai Safeway aflame

Source: MGN
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KENAI, Alaska (KTUU) - Around 12:15 a.m., on Thursday, Kenai police responded to Safeway in an effort to remove an individual, upon the request of management.

Moments before police arrived, the suspect allegedly used an aerosol can and lighter to create a makeshift flamethrower. According to a press release, witnesses say the suspect started more than one fire in the store.

When police arrived, the suspect fled from the scene, and the building was evacuated.

According to the press release, the Kenai Fire Department also responded to the store; however, when firefighters arrived, the fires were already extinguished by store employees.

According to police, there was a total of three injuries. One store employee was injured, while trying to extinguish one of the fires. And two witnesses obtained minor injuries, while trying to subdue the suspect.

The same morning, police say an investigation led to the arrest of Sean L. Mills, 26.

Mills was charged for arson, assault, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

According to police, he was remanded to Wildwood Pretrial Facility.

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