PT. 11 (MP 918): What to do in Whitehorse

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WHITEHORSE (KTUU) The Yukon Territories capital city is home to about 20,000 people, and if you ask a local, summertime is the best time to visit.

"Everything is just so nice here," said Carolyn Miller, Whitehorse. "It's easy to just drive 15 minutes and you're in the mountains. I don't think there's anywhere else in Canada, where you can do that, and still have access to all the things a town would offer.

Despite its relatively small population, Whitehorse residents say the city has a vibrant arts and music scene, and is loaded with modern day amenities. That includes multi-cultural restaurants, shopping and museums, like the Yukon Transportation and MacBride Museums, which offer visitors a window into the city's past.

For those looking to explore the outdoors, just a few minutes outside of town is the Miles Canyon area. There, you will find a suspension bridge and 35 ft. tall basalt cliffs running directly into the Yukon River.

"The best thing about the Yukon is the wilderness," said Nadine Poirier, Whitehorse. "We are so lucky to have so much pristine wilderness around us, so it would be a shame, if you just hit the shops and miss out on what the big point of the Yukon is, which is our pristine wilderness."