PT. 14: The food of the ALCAN

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HAINES JUNCTION, Yukon (KTUU) - There's no shortage of places to stop for food on the Alaska Highway.
Here are some of the specialties that we tried:

• Newfie Fries: Fort Pizza, Fort Nelson
These fries have it all. French fries covered in beef, mushrooms, onions, Canadian gravy, mozzarella. It's not technically poutine because the cook tells us cheese curds are hard to get in Fort Nelson.
• Strawberry Rhubarb Pie: Wolf It Down Restaurant, Nugget City
The strawberries are brought in fresh, and you can taste it. We had our pie warmed up and served with vanilla ice cream.
• Cinnamon Buns: Johnsons Crossing Restaurant, Johnsons Crossing
A decadent morning treat or dessert for any time of the day. Served warm and covered in frosting.
• Soft Serve Ice Cream: Frosty's, Haines Junction
One of the last chances for food before crossing the border. The soft serve is great, but there's other ice cream as well. The restaurant also offers a full menu for eating there or to-go.

Check out our slide show below for some of the other stops we made along the way.

Whitehorse food truck festival