Paid parking on Saturdays considered again

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - The Anchorage Community Development Authority is actively working on a “pilot program” to charge for metered parking on Saturdays.

“People get there first thing in the morning, and they stay all day," said said Parking Director Brian Borguno. "That’s the most valuable parking to a business owner - their curb-side parking."

The municipal corporation conducted a survey last summer. Borguno says it found that parking spots would turn over as many as seven times, if people had to pay. And that has economic value for downtown businesses.

“We’re taking it one step at a time. Where we’re at now is we’ve met with our stakeholders. We’ve gathered feedback,” Borguno said.

The owner of Sevigny Studio, on 4th Avenue, was against the idea, when it was first proposed last year.

“I don’t think that by charging we’re going to grow. I feel like tackling the parking issue, then we will grow,” said Katie Sevigny.

On Tuesday, she and other downtown business owners met with ACDA and proposed a compromise.

“When there are no parking issues, during the day, in the winter, there is no need to charge. So it’s not justified during the winter months," Sevigny said.

The final decision rests with the ACDA board of directors. The pilot program would include a “soft roll-out,” before it is enforced.

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