Parents of 5 girls killed in Butte trailer fire mark 10th wedding anniversary

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BUTTE (KTUU) - Amidst grieving there comes a moment to pause, spend time with family and reflect.

Jimmy Flores and Janelle Quackenbush experienced an unimaginable tragedy Thursday morning when their trailer burned in Butte and their five young girls died in a fire.

Today marked their 10th wedding anniversary.

Tomorrow, Jimmy Flores will turn 33.

Tiffany Rye, a friend and family spokesperson on social media, says extended family have been spending time together.

Rye says for their special anniversary, friends and family reminded the couple "without them joining together they would never have had these precious babies."

She says family and friends are encouraging Quackenbush and Flores “stick close and hold on to the family…that is left.”

Sunday morning was an opportunity to enjoy each other's company and reminisce.

“We ate and had good coffee my hubby made,” said Rye.

“We told stories of the girls and shared pictures and poems and listened to music and just loved on each other."

The family is still waiting to hear from the Alaska State Fire Marshal and Alaska State Troopers about the official cause of the fire.

Rye is helping to organize a community vigil but has not decided on a date, venue or time.

A Facebook memorial page has been set-up, members of the public can write to the family, send pictures or donate money.