Pot plants found outside in downtown Anchorage

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) On a downtown street corner Thursday afternoon, a KTUU crew spotted two marijuana plants sitting inside tire planters.

KTUU could not figure out how they got there, or who owned them. At one point during the afternoon, a person came along and lifted one of the plants out of its planter.

"I never really noticed it, another fellow business owner came and got me and said you have to see what's going on here," says Bob Neumann, who owns a business downtown.

The plants are located at 3rd Ave. and E Street.

The Anchorage Police Department says private plants need to be inside, but since the plants are on private property, and there's no proof who planted the cannabis, APD is not investigating.

Editor's Note: Travis Khachatoorian contributed information to this report.

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