Protection for famous bridge shattered, possibly by an iceberg

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Cordova, Alaska The Miles Glacier Bridge, widely known at the Million Dollar Bridge, has stood the turbulent test of time despite losing one of its spans in the 1964 earthquake. But video captured by a Cordova Lodge owner shows protection for one of its piers may be compromised.

“You could see that it was not only moved but it was shattered, it was in multiple pieces,” said Luke Borer who owns Childs Glacier Lodge on the other side of the river.

A concrete icebreaker designed to deflect icebergs from a nearby glacier appears broken and shifted to the side in a video Borer captured. A large iceberg sits next to it.

“If this pier gets knocked out that the icebreaker is protecting much more of the bridge will go into the water, multiple sections and that will deflect the river,” said Borer who’s concerned about his lodge and risks to navigation and fishing.

The Alaska Department of Transportation says it’s sending bridge inspectors to get a firsthand look, “We’ll have some bridge inspectors go and look at the bridge and then kind of weigh what our options are and we’ll move forward from there,” said Public Information Officer Meadow Bailey.

Bailey says the inspection will take place sometime in late November.

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