PT. 10 (MP 883): A Musical Ride in Whitehorse

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WHITEHORSE, Yukon (KTUU) - Magical. Amazing. Spectacular.

They are three words we heard repeatedly used to describe a sight that that hasn’t been seen in the Yukon’s capitol city in 22 years.

Earlier this month, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police performed their Musical Ride, a traveling choreographed performance which recently made its first appearance in Whitehorse since 1995.

It’s an international tour group made up of trained and mounted police. “They represent Canada in their red surge and with their 32 black Canaverians riding complex patterns,” explained Inge Sumanik, co-chair of the Yukon Musical Ride host committee. “It’s pretty magical,” she added.

As outsiders, our Roadtrippin' crew was surprised to see how much the performance meant to the city and residents of Whitehorse. Several thousand flocked to the multi-day event. We witnessed its final performance.

Sumanik says it was a real logistical challenge getting the whole show to the heart of the Yukon. “They drove three truckloads of horses and one truckload of gear up the Alaska Highway… from Edmonton,” she said.

The group performs in lock step for about 45 minutes, sharply dressed, their horses marching with well-trained discipline. “For people who know about riding horses, it’s amazing,” Sumanik said. For people who don’t know that much about horses, it’s still pretty magical.”

While we may have been in the latter category, the crowd’s reaction proved there were many who understood the intricacies of the performance and choreography required. “It’s pretty amazing,” Sumanik noted once again, “and it’s all reflected in the crowd." She explained that she can tell when people truly enjoy the presentation, as "we get standing, people standing, and cheering, so it’s pretty spectacular.”

The Musical Ride offers scheduled performances in Canada through the middle of September. You can find the full schedule at