PT. 4 (MP 0): Visiting Dawson Creek

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DAWSON CREEK, British Columbia (KTUU) - The foundation of Dawson Creek, British Columbia was built on agriculture, but it was the historic Alaska Highway, built in 1942, that attracts thousands of people from all over the world each summer.

According to the Dawson Creek Visitor Information Center, roughly 17,000 people come through town on their way up or down the Alaska Highway. Although most make a quick stop to take a picture with the famed Mile 0 Post, Dawson Creek has a lot more to offer visitors.

"If you stay for a couple of days, you're going to have lots to do," said Kit Fast, Dawson Creek resident."It's a community with a great quality of life," said Mayor Dale Bumstead, Dawson Creek. "It's just a small city with a lot of amenities."

Beyond the Iconic Mile 0 Post, tourists can visit the Railway Station Museum, the Alaska Highway House, the old grain elevator, which has been turned into an art gallery, and perhaps one of the most popular stops, Pioneer Village.

"It's like Dawson Creek stuck in time," said Hilary Gould, Dawson Creek Visitor Information Center. "There you can see old historic Dawson Creek buildings, they have old machinery and artifacts."

City officials say July is Dawson Creek's busiest month for tourism.

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