PT. 1 (MP 0): The Notorious Alaska Highway

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DAWSON CREEK, British Columbia (KTUU) - The Alaska Highway is a 1,387 mile two lane road, which for decades, has been dubbed the 'Road to Hell.'

Blake Essig and Nikki Carvajal enter the World Famous Alaska Highway, from Mile Post 0.

Heading north, it starts in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, at the historic milepost zero. The road then twists through Canada's Rocky Mountains and remote backcountry, before it comes to an end in Delta Junction, Alaska.

Although the conditions of the road have come a long way since the U.S. Army built it back in 1942, the road itself can still be challenging. And according to people who have made the drive, preparation is important.

"If you're going to make the drive, make sure you have enough food, bring an extra gas can, and fill up every chance you get," said Mark Grillo of Charleston, South Carolina. "It's a little bit unnerving knowing that if you do break down, you've got to trust in the people that are coming by to aid in your assistance."

Chuck and Mardi Foster, of Montana, have driven the Alaska Highway several times. On their latest trip, Chuck says he had to replace four tires and two rims on their vehicle.

"It was advised to bring a couple of extra spare tires," said Chuck. "We definitely used them right off."

Despite the roads challenges, travelers say the history of the road, beautiful scenery, close encounters with wildlife, and the chance to meet characters along the way in each community, make this historic route an absolute must.

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