Springtime milestone: Anchorage hits 15 hours of sunlight

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Sunny skies, calm winds and long days are back, prompting more summer-oriented residents to return to parks and trails across Anchorage.

On Tuesday, Southcentral Alaska witnessed the first day of the spring season with more than 15 hours of daylight. The last date the area saw that much light was Aug. 23.

“It is exquisitely beautiful out here, so Hoover was quite anxious that we get out for a tromp around, so we did,” said Anchorage resident Christine Dittrich, walking her dog Hoover in Kincaid Park.

The light is returning to Alaska at a rate of about five minutes per day. The sun now rises before 6:30 a.m., and on Tuesday, it set at 9:30 p.m, giving residents plenty of time to get off work and enjoy the sunlight.

“It feels like winter's finally over, and we're able to come out of our shells and you know get out and enjoy the great outdoors,” said Zac Carey, joining a group of friends for their first go at a disc golf course this year.

Carey noted, his group came equipped with XtraTufs to handle the at-times slushy and muddy conditions of spring breakup.

At Campbell Park, the play equipment was full of young Alaskans running through the jungle gym. Many parents sat watchful on the sidelines.

“I work in a dark room all day long, so when I get outside, all I want to do is stay outside,” Ken Langford said, walking with his three year-old granddaughter through the park.

“This is picture perfect, classic ‘we love living in Alaska weather,” said Dittrich.

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