Students participate in "Hour of Code"

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) What could you do with one hour? For students at Muldoon Elementary School Thursday, the answer was "coding."

Muldoon Elementary School students learn about coding during the worldwide "Hour of Code" event on Thursday.

Millions of students around the world participated in the "Hour of Code" on Thursday. It's an exercise designed to get children familiar with coding terminology and applications. It also teaches them problem-solving skills.

Ed Tech Coach Mark Johannes helped more than a dozen students set up a computer game that lets them give a character instructions on how to move.

"Some of them are totally intimidated by it, some are just anxious as can be to get into it, but all in all, in general, they're all just very excited very engaged, because they get to actually see things happen on the screen that they're telling them what to do," Johannes said. "They're in charge."

Johannes said he hopes students want to continue learning after this experience, and maybe even consider a career that uses coding.

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