PT. 6 (MP 477): The Alaska Highway's hottest stop

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MUNCHO LAKE, British Columbia (KTUU) - Liard Hot Springs is in an undeniably beautiful location. A hot spot just off the highway surrounded by a campground, the springs themselves are a quick walk down a boardwalk.

Water temperatures range from 107 to 125 degrees, making it the perfect break if you’re looking to relax part way through driving the whole Alaska Highway.

“Every time we drive up and down the highway, we always stop in to the hot springs,” said Clare Massicotte, a traveler from British Columbia. “You have to. It’s a must do.”

As we were leaving, we watched a semi-driver park in a large lot across the highway, grab his towel, and start trekking towards the water.

It’s also a destination in itself for some. One woman from Alberta, with a baby on her lap on the cooler side of the hot springs, said this was the second time her family had come to the springs on a trip to Whitehorse. I asked her how the drive had been.

“It’s not bad,” she said, as her baby slapped his hands against the water. “It’s doable with a 17-month-old.”

Others in the water were staying at the campground.

“This is great,” one swimmer told me. “No showers around the campsites.”

It’s the beauty of the location that seems to keep people coming back.

“It’s just so gorgeous,” Massicotte said. “I love it.”

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