Third suspect arrested for ‘winter crime spree’ after turning himself in

Mugshot of Delander Owens, third man wanted for "winter crime spree." Photo courtesy APD.
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A spokesperson with the Anchorage Police Department has confirmed that Delander Owens is now in custody.

Renee Oistad with APD said in an email that Owens turned himself in just after 9 p.m. last night, following a search for the suspect.

Prompting that search, APD released the information on Owens and asked individuals with information on his whereabouts to help them locate him.

Oistad said he finally turned himself in at the Anchorage jail. She says she does "not anticipate any more information being released prior to trial."


Two people are in custody following a series of seemingly separate crimes committed during January and February of this year. The crimes were traced back to three Anchorage residents, one of which is still on the loose, according to a release issued by the District Attorney in Anchorage.

Detallion Owens, 20, and Delander Owens, 21, were indicted on felony counts, along with King Dunlap, a 16-year-old. These felony charges include first degree robbery, first degree burglary, assault, theft, and vehicle theft. Detallion and Dunlap have been arrested, however Delander is still outstanding.

Police say the “winter crime spree” initially began near the tail end of January, when residents in an apartment on Karluk Street were allegedly held at gunpoint and robbed after having their home invaded. One of the victims of this robbery identified the men as Dunlap and the two Owens.

Just over a week later, on Feb. 5, a man reported having his car stolen while making rounds as a pizza delivery man. Police say a woman was in the back seat of the vehicle when it was stolen, and the car had a firearm in it at the time. The woman was ordered to get out of the car “under threat of force” after the car had gone a block, but the gun was not recovered and later reported missing.

Flash forward to Feb. 19, at a residence in South Anchorage. Authorities say that's where a 19-year-old UAA student was robbed at gunpoint in his mother’s home. Two men broke into the home and robbed both the house and the teenage student. In this instance, the two culprits identified were allegedly Detallion Owens and the 16-year-old Dunlap. In this crime, police say the student's vehicle was stolen and utilized for escape, in addition to the stolen property.

That car was later found wrecked in a neighborhood just one day later, with witnesses saying they saw two men leaving the crash. Just hours later, another man was carjacked at gunpoint while driving home from work on DeBarr Road. This time, however, police were able to locate that vehicle and apprehend the two men.

According to the release, at the time of their arrest, Dunlap was found to be in possession of the same gun that was stolen from the car of the pizza delivery driver, seemingly tying them to that crime. Both Detallion Owen and Dunlap are being held on $10,000 cash bail. The other Owens, Delander, has not yet been apprehended. Police are asking for the public’s help in locating him, or providing them information that could help him be located.

The district attorney says that if these suspects are convicted, they face a sentence of “up to 20 years in prison” for first degree robbery.

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