Trail enthusiasts talk funding, building and design

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - From trail maintenance to construction and funding, the annual statewide trails conference is meeting in Anchorage to address these topics.

Trail enthusiasts from across the state have gathered to attend break-out sessions, listen to keynote speakers and talk trails.

With budget cuts being made across the board, organizers say as part of the conference they want to let communities know where alternative funds may be available.

"There are still federal funds and lots of private funding available so we're trying to broaden the scope of the funding we're looking at and as well as working volunteers into the mix because volunteers can be a powerful force particularly in maintaining trails and making sure people can get out and enjoy them," said Steve Cleary, Executive Director of Alaska Trails.

The conference is hosting a special volunteer training session this Saturday.

The free field-based crash course with trail stewards will include a safety briefing and focus on future projects with Chugach State park, BLM, and the state forest service.

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