Woman allegedly not held hostage in Waldron Drive standoff

Profile of 50-year-old Darin Jones. (Photo by APD)
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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Fifty-year-old Darin Lee Jones, the suspect in Thursday's Waldron Drive standoff that shut down Lake Otis Parkway, was arraigned, and the criminal complaint indicates that there was no hostage situation.

According to the complaint, Jones was at the shared residence of Jillian Brown and Andrew Akulaw, in order to help them clean, as they were moving. Brown told police that she and Akulaw lived on the 2300-block of Waldron Drive as a boyfriend and girlfriend couple.

While Akulaw was sleeping in the master bedroom, Brown alleged that she heard "a sound like someone was being punched and some whimpering," according to the document. Furthermore, when Brown entered the bedroom, she alleged that she saw Jones standing near Akulaw, who was "half laying out of bed," with a handgun in his right hand. She alleged that there was a hatchet on the bed, too.

She told police that she got between the two men as they exchanged words, and that Akulaw was bleeding from the head.

According to the complaint, Brown said Jones eventually allowed Akulaw to stand, and that she "volunteered to stay at the residence, so Akulaw could go to the hospital." Akulaw then left the house.

Outside, Anchorage officers made contact with Akulaw, as he approached them near 50th Avenue and Lake Otis Parkway. According to the document, the officers were responding to the area, as they were notified of shots fired and a "white male walking around with a rifle or a paint ball gun and is looking into windows." Officers said Akulaw fit the physical description given to them, but also said that Akulaw did not have a rifle on hand.

At this point, the officers also saw that Akulaw was bleeding from the head and the left arm, according to the document; moreover, officers said Akulaw told them that Jones shot him while he was asleep, had a "cache of weapons" at his disposal, and was holding Brown as hostage.

Akulaw was then transported to a local hospital.

When police spoke with Brown, she told them that after Akulaw left, she heard somebody outside open the window and say something along the lines of "get out here you punk." According to the complaint, Brown then allegedly heard about five gunshots from outside.

According to the document, Brown does not believe any bullets entered the house; however, she told police that both she and Jones got on the floor, regardless. Following, she said Jones loaded two handguns, and slide one of them to her across the floor.

When police arrived, Brown said they called her cellphone, and that she put the call on speakerphone.

According to the document, police were able to direct Jones and Brown to leave the residence without incident, but first they placed four handguns under the master bedroom bed. Earlier, while cleaning up Akulaw's blood, Brown said she put away the hatchet in a metal box.

After obtaining a search warrant, police were able to find all weapons, plus another handgun in a gun box, where Brown told them she left them.

According to the complaint, the officer that interviewed Brown reported that she "told me (the officer) that she was not held against her will."

As a result of the confrontation, officers took Jones into custody on Thursday. He is facing charges including first degree Assault with a weapon and first degree robbery.

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