World Eskimo-Indian Olympics wrap up in Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTUU) - For decades, the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics have been challenging competitors with games rich in culture and tradition.

Here's a look back at some of the highlights of this year's competition, from reporter Beth Verge and photojournalist Dan Carpenter.


One-hand reach, women: 1. Chelsea Morrow, 2. Autumn Ridley, 3. Sharlane King

One-hand reach, men: 1. Bernard Clark, 2. David Thomas, 3. Kyle Worl

Eskimo stick pull, women: 1. Autumn Randazzo, 2. Michelle Wardlow, 3. Julie-Anna Van Velzor

Eskimo stick pull, men: 1. Matthew Sido Evans, 2. Donovan Phillips, 3. Stan Swetzoff

Muktuk eating: 1. Diane DuFour, 2. Donna Rexford, 3. Siikauraq Whiting

Fish cutting: 1. Ariella Derrickson, 2. Marjorie Tahbone, 3. Kelly Lincoln

Alaskan high kick, women: 1. Autumn Ridley, 2. Kinniq Sampson, 3. Jaclyn Wesont

Alaskan high kick, men: 1. Casey Ferguson, 2. Elijah Cabinboy, 3. Tim Field

Greased pole walk, women: 1. Amanda Galloway, 2. Christina Glenzel, 3. Adrianna Johnston

Greased pole walk, men: 1. Nick Hanson, 2. Kyle Worl, 3. Charles Teter, 3. David Thomas

Indian stick pull, women: 1. Marjorie Tahbone, 2. Caitlin Shugak, 3. Nicole Johnston

Indian stick pull, men: 1. Leroy Shangin, 2. Kyle Worl, 3. Tim Field

Ear pull, women: 1. Auna Reed-Lewis, 2. Mitsi Evans, 3. Michelle Strange

Ear pull, men: 1. Linc Qimic, 2. Leroy Shangin, 3. Andrew Kashevarof

Eskimo cloth: 1. Janie Snyder, 2. Race Paaniikaalak, 3. Janie Snyder

Indian cloth: 1. Jayden Larson

Indian hide: 1. Cassidy Vent

Eskimo cloth, hosted: 1. Cassie Jean Longley (Carrie Longley), 2. Adelle Hansen (Leah Hansen)

Eskimo fur, hosted: 1. Cassie Jean Longley (Carrie Longley), 2. Lacey Rock (Danielle Fields), 3. Kameron Blake Brower (Ashlynn Santiago-Brower)

Indian cloth, hosted: 1. Amelia Steele (Chelsea Morrow)

Indian hide, hosted: 1. Brookin Jimmie (Jamie Bridges), 2. Amelia Steele (Chelsea Morrow), 3. Avril Isabel Firmin (Karalissa Tremblay)