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(img1)vid-Spotlight on Youth Wacko Olympics

Spotlight on Youth: Wacko Olympics

In this Spotlight on Youth, Corey Allen-Young went inside the Hashew Middle School gym to find out what the Wacko Olympics are all about.

Rescued Hikers

UPDATE: Rescued Knik Glacier hikers 'deeply grateful and humbled'

UPDATE April 12: The three hikers rescued off of Knik glacier released a statement Sunday saying that they owed their lives to the rescue teams and were 'deeply grateful and humbled' by rescue efforts.

2 your health Diabetes

Mother works toward diabetes prevention after daughter's own diagnosis

On Diabetes Alert Day, an Anchorage mother shares her daughter's journey with juvenile diabetes, and how it inspired her to work for diabetes prevention.

Alaska Bites Resolution Brewery

Alaska Bites: Resolution Brewing Co.

The neighborhood craft revolution arrived in Mountain View. Just before you turn into the shopping center for Bass Pro Shop, there's a little brewery called Resolution Brewing Co. in a strip mall on Mountain View Drive.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking in Anchorage hidden in plain sight

The battle against sex trafficking has been an ongoing problem in Alaska for years -- but as victims speak out, including one woman who shared her story with Channel 2, that fight is being brought into public view.

A 72-year love story, still going strong

David and Aleen Fison have been married for 72 years. They say commitment and the Importance of family has helped their marriage stand the test of time.

KTUU - Alaska's News Source

Caffe D'arte's first annual latte art competition

Alaska’s first latte art competition hosted by Caffe D’arte was held Anchorage at Alaska Restaurant Supply

State engages in massive chinook tagging project

Alaska Fish and Game Tags Half a Million Chinook Salmon

This week the state embarked on one of the biggest projects in recent memory to collect valuable data that may shape policies and sport fishing for years to come.

Mr. Whitekeys

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Marcus At The Movies

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Lunch Box

  • Lunchbox: Grace’s Cafe

    Lunchbox: Grace’s Cafe

    Before I joined Channel 2, I worked at a small publishing company along International Airport Road with relatively few nearby restaurants. Hearing of a new eatery in the area, I couldn’t help but stop by.

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