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Prisoners create princess wigs for cancer patients

Prisoners help young cancer patients, one princess wig at a time

With the help of a group of inmates at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, Holly Christensen's Magic Yarn Project is working to make Disney princess wigs for young cancer patients across the county.

Hilltop opens Friday

Hilltop Ski Area set to open this week

The frigid, subzero temperatures have given the Hilltop Ski Area a good push where starting Friday a good portion of the lower runs will be open.

Magpie Library

Unusual visitors at the Loussac Library

There are unusual visitors at the Loussac Library the past few weeks and they are not your typical book worm.

(img1)after proposal

First marriage proposal at Aces game

It's a moment most couples would never forget...

(img1)An apple a day doesn't keep the Moose away

City moose dine on apples that blogger says she forgot to bring inside

"I was just hanging out on the couch watching TV and I kept hearing this thunk, thunk, thunk from the porch and the dogs started barking and (I) got a little bit freaked out so I looked out the window and... This is way better than watching TV" said Taborsky

Alaska Bites Cupping Class

AK bites: Cupping Class

The most entertaining thing I've done all week is watch people slurp coffee.

2TR Osceola

2 The Rescue: Osceola

Meet Osceola an adult male cat up for adoption through Kitty and K9 Connection.

PFD announcement 2015

Alaskans receive record high PFD as state budget deficit looms

As state lawmakers grapple with a multi-billion dollar budget deficit, Alaskans will receive a record-setting share of the state's oil wealth.

Assignment Alaska - Polar Dinosaurs

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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