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Caffe D'arte's first annual latte art competition

Alaska’s first latte art competition hosted by Caffe D’arte was held Anchorage at Alaska Restaurant Supply

State engages in massive chinook tagging project

Alaska Fish and Game Tags Half a Million Chinook Salmon

This week the state embarked on one of the biggest projects in recent memory to collect valuable data that may shape policies and sport fishing for years to come.

Iditarod forges unique friendship between musher girl

Iditarod forges unique friendship between musher, girl

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race musher Wade Marrs shares a special bond with 10-year-old Ashley Perry, whom he met during the 2013 race. The two rekindled their shared memories at Marrs' new kennel, when Perry recently paid him a visit.

Anchorage firefighters pose in -- and out -- of uniform for charity calendar

In an effort to raise money for charities like the American Cancer Society, AFD will be releasing a 2015 calendar with firefighters wearing their uniforms. Wearing part of their uniforms, anyway. 

(img1)vid-Military mom makes surprise visit home with help from Santa

Military mom makes surprise visit home with help from Santa, AFD

After finding out she could come home early from an eight-month deployment to Korea, Air Force Staff Sgt. Ashley Hubbard wanted to surprise her three sons, Caylem, 3, Gage, 7 and Ethan, 9, in a big way.

Urban musher uses sled for coffee runs

It's around noon on a Sunday and Christopher Michael dons a thick blue parka. The yard of the East Anchorage home is quiet, but he warns it will get a little noisy once he opens the gate.

Upper One Games

Reviewers warm to video game Never Alone's Inupiat tale

The video game Never Alone, developed by Upper One Games with support from the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, was released Tuesday to mixed but generally positive online reviews.

(img1)AK bites pbj

Alaska Bites: How to make a PB&J, by a 6-year-old

Feel like keeping it simple this weekend? In this addition of Alaska Bites, we asked 6-year-old Maggie Metcalfe for tips for making a PB&J. 

Alaska Bites

  • (img1)vid-Marijuana legal

    City proposes ban on marijuana use in all public places, including bars

    In this video:

    -- A proposed ordinance will be introduced Tuesday that prohibits consumption in all public places, all of them.

    -- The ordinance also lists private businesses, all streets, parking areas, shopping centers, bars and parks, along with a dozen other public areas.

    -- Think of it as mix between tobacco and alcohol regulations. Drinking alcohol is legal in bars and restaurants, but…

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Mr. Whitekeys

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Marcus At The Movies

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Assignment Alaska

  • Assignment Alaska Tidal Wave Books

    Assignment Alaska: Title Wave Books

    -- On any given day you'll find books on dog mushing, Alaska artists, the Alaska Railroad and plants of Alaska.

    -- While you might not be interested in all the topics, Store Manager Angela Libal says eventually almost every book finds a home.

    -- Recently she was able to help a man who was looking for an Alaskan book, at least 40-years-old to give to his wife as a 40th wedding anniversary gift.


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Lunch Box

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