Anchorage police: 2 injured in separate overnight shootings

Two men are in the hospital this morning following separate shootings overnight in the city. In one case, police say the victim was shot while driving and crashed into a parked car. 

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Musician speaks out against violence in ANC

Homicide, loss and sadness. Musician hopes to inspire peace

An Anchorage musician hopes a song he recently recorded will inspire people to stop the violence.

WATCH: A thief tries to steal fish right off a Wasilla girl's fishing rod

An 11-year-old Wasilla girl and her grandfather try to go camping and fishing a couple of times each month. But lately, they haven't been coming home with much. Not because the fish aren't biting, but because their catch keeps getting stolen. 

375 students

A principal in Anchorage remembers the names of 375 students, and says 'hello' to each one

At 8:15 in the morning, every morning, principal Lucas Saltzman lines up outside the school doors at Aquarian Charter School.

Alaska bear cam's greatest hits

Happy Monday! You can't do much better than these irresistible Katmai bear cams that show a live feed of brown bears at Brooks Camp. Check out a few of the greatest hits, collected by the Interior Department. 

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Making a classroom a home, for homeless students

Tuesday morning Courtney Burling, a teacher at Willow Crest Elementary School, stapled birds onto a bulletin board.

Peace walk

Peace march planned following more Anchorage deaths

We Are Anchorage is planning to host a peace march Sunday to promote non-violence and gun safety.

'Sleigh hoof?' Alaska biologist explains this odd Anchorage moose pic

"I've lived in Alaska my entire life and have never seen a moose like this," writes Channel 2 viewer Becki Grady. "I thought it had been injured until I saw that all four of its hooves were curved like that," Grady wrote.

Chugach power lines

A helicopter that costs $300 a minute and a windy trail

Chugach Electric Association is replacing six miles of transmission lines from Powerline Pass to the Seward Highway near Indian as part of a $5.8 million project to update several miles of transmission lines that are more than 50 years old.

Assignment Alaska: Cold War plane crash

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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