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Corey Allen Young- KTUU

More Homeless Tents: Illegal Camps Popping Up in Public Areas

In recent weeks, there has been an increase of homeless tents popping up near downtown, and even though Anchorage police still actively enforce the illegal camps, the campers say they plan on coming back.

Corey Allen Young

United Way Challenges Community To Help ASD Students Graduate On Time

Pushing forward with its goal to raise the Anchorage School District's graduation rate to 90% by the year 2020, the United Way of Anchorage is challenging the community to step up and help out.

Free At-Home Kit Offers Alaskans Easy STD Testing

Free At-Home Kit Offers Alaskans Easy STD Testing

Fighting back against the rise of sexually transmitted diseases in Alaska, one organization is using unconventional methods to get people's attention -- and there's one group in particular it's targeting.

Lacie Grosvold

Butte Residents Work to Protect Property

Butte residents take matters in to their own hands to stop river from reaching property. The rising river has threatened Butte homes for about a week now. Residents living close recently got a permit to improving barriers themselves. 

(img1)Not Your Typical Summer Job, Youth Work To Improve Popular City Trails & Parks

Parks Jobs Prepare Anchorage Kids for Fun, Futures

Most Anchorage teenagers aren't going to find many summer jobs like those offered by the Youth Employment in Parks program. YEP, as it's also called, puts its employees to work on Anchorage's trails, helping them to build future careers.

Bass Pro Shops Opens Anchorage Outpost

Local Business Owners Could Benefit from Bass Pro Shop Opening

This week's opening of outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops' Anchorage store is being welcomed by many residents as both a springboard for new businesses and a turning point for Mountain View.

Corey Allen-Young

Alaska Kids Celebrate Fourth of July In Their Own Unique Ways

It's as American as apple pie, the Fourth of July parade that brought thousands of Alaskans and their kids out to the park strip downtown.

APD Takes Click It or Ticket to A New Level

APD Takes 'Click It or Ticket' to a New Level

While using a seat belt may seem like a no-brainer, the Anchorage Police Department says there's still a lot of people who aren't wearing them before drivers take to local roads for the Fourth of July holiday.

Alaska Bites

  • Midtown Business Lets Visitors Lounge in Chocolate

    Midtown Business Lets Visitors Lounge in Chocolate

    With a combination of art, chocolate and food, a Midtown business offers Anchorage residents something to satisfy many palates. Channel 2's Marti Glaser pays an Alaska Bites visit to Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge to see just how sweet it is.

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2 Your Health

  • Cold Laser Pain Treatment Reaches Last Frontier

    Cold Laser Pain Treatment Reaches Last Frontier

    According to the Institute of Medicine, one-third of Americans live with chronic pain. Some people use medication to relieve that pain, while others seek out physical therapy or even surgery in severe cases.

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Mr. Whitekeys

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Marcus At The Movies

  • 'Lucy'


    Marcus enjoyed "Lucy," the new sci-fi thriller in which a woman played by Scarlett Johansson gains superhuman powers by fully utilizing her mind -- but it doesn't sound like he used more than 10 percent of his brain watching it. The R-rated film, directed by Luc Besson, also stars Morgan Freeman.

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Assignment Alaska

  • As Anchorage Tourist Season Blooms, So Do Downtown Flowers

    As Anchorage Tourist Season Blooms, So Do Downtown Flowers

    There are a lot of attractions to catch your attention in downtown Anchorage, but hanging out just a little bit above the sidewalks are hundreds of lobelia baskets. The flowers are drawing the envy of people visiting Alaska, and folks who live here as well.

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Lunch Box

  • Lunchbox: White Spot Cafe

    Lunchbox: White Spot Cafe

    As any Anchorage resident can tell you, dining Downtown during the summer can be difficult -- but the crowds I saw on a recent foray into the area pushed me a little farther east to an unexpected stop.

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