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Justice Clarence Thomas Opens Up About 25 Years on Court

A free-flowing Justice Clarence Thomas came out in rare form Wednesday to reminisce about the last 25 years he's spent on the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas Discusses Whether The Supreme Court is Political

Justice Clarence Thomas mentioned the controversial Bush vs. Gore decision while answering a question about whether the Supreme Court has morphed into another political branch of government.

Document Shows 2012 Harvard Men's Soccer Team Rated Female Recruits Sexually

Harvard students are upset about a "scouting report" made by the 2012 men's soccer team ranking the female soccer team based on their sexual appeal.

Justice Thomas: Washington Too Comfortable With Not Debating Issues

Justice Clarence Thomas shares his concerns about the way Supreme Court justices are confirmed as well as the political environment in America.

Clarence Thomas Opens up on How He Writes Opinions

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas discusses which cases have given him the most concern and the process he goes through when writing either a majority or dissenting opinion.

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