2015 Fur Rondy: Outhouse Races

Photos by Jeff Rivet

2015 Fur Rondy: Snow sculptures start to take shape

Even with the little snow... The sculptures downtown are starting to take shape.

Fur Rondy carries on despite warm weather and cancelled sled dog race

Fur Rondy

Despite unseasonably warm temperatures that forced the cancellation of Fur Rondy's key event officials expect a good turnout for festivities.

Fur Rondy royalty announced

80th anniversary

In this video:

-- This year marks the centennial of Anchorage and also the 80th anniversary of the Fur Rendezvous celebration next month.

-- Along with 2 princesses, a queen, and a lord and lady trapper, there are a king and queen regent who are selected from within the membership of the pioneers of Alaska. 

-- The first Rondy King and Queen regent were selected in 1959 and a few years later, a…

2015 Fur Rondy Guide:

Rondy Guide
1 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.

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