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City of Nenana issues boil water notice due to leak

Could a new study on suicide prediction lower Alaska's suicide rate?

Cordova hospital averts loss of internet access

WHO considers compulsive video gaming as mental health disorder

Dartmouth to study opioid treatment for pregnant women

Advocates praise Obamacare's preexisting condition rule

2YH: Hydroponic gardening to grow fresh vegetables in Alaska

Radon warning: Homeowner urges others to test for gas

2YH: Healthy sleep habits could add years to your life

Connecting rural Alaskan communities to future nurses

Mobile mammogram unit scans Alaskan women across road, ferry systems

Alcohol-related deaths kill more Alaskans than drug overdoses

2YH: Exposing the risks of sun damage

Corrections Department detects mumps cases at Bethel jail

Alaska to delay some Medicaid payments as funding runs out

EpiPens in short supply in some parts of the country

Restaurants labeling calorie counts go into effect

Lyme disease numbers on the rise in the U.S.

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