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U.S. Offers Six Month Extensions to Some Haitians

The Trump administration will extend until January a humanitarian program that has allowed roughly 58,000 Haitians to live in the United States.

Ohio Teen Who Killed Dad Gets Deal That Spares Jail Time

The Ohio teen jailed for killing her allegedly abusive father will spend the next six months in intensive therapy rather than behind bars.

Forty More Genes for Intelligence Discovered

More genes for intelligence have been found, but don't expect designer smart babies or DNA tests for big brains.

Houthi Rebels Fired Missile at Riyadh Hours Before Trump Arrived

The missile landed about 20 miles from Riyadh, and the Saudi Air Force bombed the launch site to rubble, said a U.S. official.

Manafort, Stone Turn Over Russia Documents to Senate Intel Committee

The committee requested documents from Carter Page, Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.