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Alaska Bites: Warm up for winter with Masala Chai (spiced tea)


Channel 2's Tulsi Patil demonstrates how to make traditional spiced Indian Chai.

Alaska Bites: Julia O'Malley's 8 Stars of Gold Granola

Our Rebecca Palsha catches up with longtime Anchorage journalist and now independent blogger Julia O'Malley for a very Alaskan twist on an old favorite. 

Snow City Cafe owner to open new South Anchorage restaurant

New Eatery

The owner behind Snow City Cafe and Spenard Roadhouse plans to open a South Anchorage restaurant as early as this spring. What will the food be like? New general manager Tyler Crenshaw explains ...

Alaska Bites: How to make a PB&J, by a 6-year-old

(img1)AK bites pbj

Feel like keeping it simple this weekend? In this addition of Alaska Bites, we asked 6-year-old Maggie Metcalfe for tips for making a PB&J. 

Alaska Bites: In the Valley, a cookie baked twice

Alaska Bites Biscotti

A few weeks ago we drove to Wasilla to meet Laurie Standeford and Siobhan Bradley. It was about 5 o'clock. Both women had just gotten off work in Anchorage, driven to the Valley and started prepping for a long night of baking. 

Avocado Salad Recipe Offers Change of Pace

(img1)AK BITES  8-20-14

As Alaska’s summer continues, you might be getting a little tired of your lunch or leftovers at home. Channel 2’s Rebecca Palsha visited Lisa Chang at Allen and Peterson to see her throw together a change of pace.

Alaskan Chef Shares a Favorite King Salmon Recipe

Keeping the Salmon Simple with The Bridge s Head Chef

Many Alaskans have a favorite recipe for salmon, but Alaska Bites recently took that question to a professional. Chef Patrick Hoogerhyde shared this recipe with Channel 2’s Rebecca Palsha.

Author New to Anchorage Shares Fried Chicken Recipe

'A Mouthful of Stars' Guides the Traveling Foodie

Kim Sunee is the kind of person who offers you champagne when you walk in her home and suggests you make fried chicken together. In other words, she's awesome.

Alaska Bites: Arctic Rose

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