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Here's where you can get the best pig ears in Anchorage

Alaska Bites Torchon Bistro

Shana Whitlock wants people to eat pig’s ears. She also wants it to become normal to see bone marrow and hog tails on the menu.

Alaska Bites: Food Photography

Alaska Bites Food Photography

Kim Sunee is frustrated. For about an hour now a smear of black garlic aioli has ruined a photo she's working on with photographer Ash Adams.

Alaska Bites: Resolution Brewing Co.

Alaska Bites Resolution Brewery

The neighborhood craft revolution arrived in Mountain View. Just before you turn into the shopping center for Bass Pro Shop, there's a little brewery called Resolution Brewing Co. in a strip mall on Mountain View Drive.

Five governors, one cafe: The end of a Downtown tradition

Alaska Bites Dianne s Restaurant

The smell of fresh-baked bread and homemade soup is about to disappear from the belly of the Atwood building Downtown, where Dianne's Restaurant has fed five governors over the past 25 years. 

Alaska Bites: Warm up for winter with Masala Chai (spiced tea)


Channel 2's Tulsi Patil demonstrates how to make traditional spiced Indian Chai.

Alaska Bites: Julia O'Malley's 8 Stars of Gold Granola

Our Rebecca Palsha catches up with longtime Anchorage journalist and now independent blogger Julia O'Malley for a very Alaskan twist on an old favorite. 

Snow City Cafe owner to open new South Anchorage restaurant

New Eatery

The owner behind Snow City Cafe and Spenard Roadhouse plans to open a South Anchorage restaurant as early as this spring. What will the food be like? New general manager Tyler Crenshaw explains ...

Alaska Bites: Back to School

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