'Regulate Marijuana' Campaign Sends Official Complaint to Opponents

Lacie Grosvold KTUU

Though the election is months away, political campaigns are already heating up. 

Measure Would Make Marijuana as Medicine More Accessible

Medical Marijuana Debate

While much of the rhetoric over Ballot Measure 2 focuses on its legalization of marijuana in Alaska, the community of medical marijuana users say its approval would make their treatments easier to receive.

Legalizing marijuana would mean legalizing more than just a green, leafy plant

Part 5 The Marijuana Debate

Butane hash oil is so dangerous, critics say, it's considered the "crack cocaine" of our time

Colorado Marijuana Legalization Highlights Potential Alaska Problems

Part 3 The Marijuana Debate

The marijuana industry has generated more than $5.5 million in revenue for the state of Colorado.

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