Roadtrippin' the ALCAN at 75

Roadtrippin' the ALCAN at 75

MULTIMEDIA MAP: KTUU's ALCAN Roadtrippin' Adventure

PT. 1 (MP 0): The Notorious Alaska Highway

PT. 2 (MP 0): Thinking about driving the Alaska Highway? Here’s what you should know

PT. 3 (MP 0): A brief history of the Alaska Highway

PT. 4 (MP 0): Visiting Dawson Creek

PT. 5 (MP 300): Fort Nelson Heritage Museum

ALCAN Extra (MP 436.5): Muncho Lake

PT. 6 (MP 477): The Alaska Highway's hottest stop

ALCAN Extra: Where do the buffalo roam?

ALCAN Extra (MP 567.9): Contact Creek

PT. 7 (MP 612.9): A sign you should stop in Watson Lake

PT. 8 (MP 627): Nugget city and the wonderful women of the ALCAN

PT. 9 (MP 804): Teslin Museums

PT. 10 (MP 883): A Musical Ride in Whitehorse

PT. 11 (MP 918): What to do in Whitehorse

PT. 12 (MP 965.6): The Bridges of the ALCAN

PT. 13 (MP 1024): Most Memorable Scenery along the Alaska Highway

PT. 14: The food of the ALCAN

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