KTUU is excited to partner with Spirit of Youth and the UA College Savings Plan to continue its efforts to support outstanding Alaska youth and better share their stories. Each month during the school year, Channel 2 News features Spirit of Youth nominees monthly during the school year, as part of its ongoing “Spotlight on Youth” series. “Spotlight on Youth”, which airs each Friday on the Channel 2 NewsHour, is dedicated to featuring students making a difference and the latest trends in Alaska education. KTUU and Spirit of Youth are partnering to recognize outstanding Alaska youth dedicated to serving their communities. This year eleven youth/youth groups will be selected to be honored at the 2016 Spirit of Youth Awards, at the Anchorage Museum. Individual award recipients will receive a scholarship from the UA College Savings Plan of at least $2,000 and 11 runners-up will each receive a $500 scholarship. Group recipients will continue to receive a grant to support their efforts.

Who is eligible?

We recognize Alaska youth, ages 12-19, statewide. Nominations can be submitted for an

individual or a group. Nominations can come from anyone who wishes to recognize a hard-
working Alaska teenager. Nominations can be made in one of 11 categories. Recommendations

often come from school staff and board members; youth clubs and organizations; the business

community or other teenagers. Any community member inspired by a teen’s efforts can submit

a nomination.

Nomination Categories:

• Business and Government

• Cultural Pursuits

• Faith-based Service

• Fine Arts

• Lifesaver and Prevention

• Overcoming Challenges

• Science and Environment

• Service to Community

• Service to Peers

• Service to Children

• Media and Technology