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Florida State shooting: 3 hurt, gunman killed

FSU campus

Gunshots rattled a peaceful, packed Florida State University library early Thursday, with three people getting hurt as hundreds of students huddled between bookshelves before police encountered and killed the gunman outside.

"There has been a shooting...

Can community colleges save higher ed?

college, diploma, hat


There's no doubt that it's a tough time for families pondering the value of a college degree.

First-grader denied bag lunch at school

First grader denied lunch


The only thing 7-year-old Xavier loves more than his math homework are his fruits and veggies.

Fundraising letters for school signed by fictitious boy

St. Joseph Indian School

Officials at St. Joseph's Indian School -- a 200-person boarding school in Chamberlain, South Dakota, that's affiliated with a Roman Catholic charity based in Wisconsin -- say they send out waves of mailings three or four times a year.

WVU suspends Greek life after freshman dies

West Virginia University

Wikimedia Commons/Wvuuam

The death of a West Virginia University freshman who was found unconscious at a fraternity house has prompted officials to suspend all Greek activities on campus.

The announcement by the university follows the death of Nolan Michael Burch, 18, of Wil...

College tuition hikes lowest since 1970s

College graduation blurb


For the last two years, the cost of public college tuition has posted the smallest increases since the 1970s, according to new data.

Name that holiday? This school district won't

Desk, classroom, school, education

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

Starting next year, the names of religious holidays like Christmas and Yom Kippur will no longer appear on the school calendar in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Snow days a thing of the past for some in Minnesota

Winter, cold, snow, icicles


Classes were canceled in one Minnesota town after 10 inches of snow fell on Monday. But that didn't mean a snow day for local schoolchildren.

Billionaire's advice: Become a plumber

Plumber, plumbing


Former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has some advice for high school seniors: forget college, become a plumber instead.

Why Chicago is mandating coding education

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes the language of the future is code writing -- and he wants every kid in Chicago to be prepared.

My college degree is worthless

College lecture hall


Students across the country are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for degrees that end up being completely worthless.

Wall Street firm pushes for student loan forgiveness

For sale real estate

REUTERS/Larry Downing

One Wall Street firm has an idea that's raising eyebrows: forgive some student debt for first-time homebuyers.

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5 killed in family trip to Disney World

green hybrid car driving down road


Police say a family of five was killed in a car accident on their way to Disney World.

App takes guessing out of wine buying

Next Glass app

Next Glass

For most of us, wine remains a big mystery.

Amid scandal, Bill Cosby's comedy tour goes on

Bill Cosby, 2009

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

After NBC pulled the plug on its Bill Cosby sitcom project on Wednesday, a new question emerged: will Cosby cancel his stand-up comedy performances?

Super sad bicyclist just wanted some Taco Bell


Volusia County Corrections

A Florida bicyclist who wanted some late-night Taco Bell ends up in jail.

Texting creating 'text neck' epidemic, doctors say

Texting, using cellphone, smartphone


Chances are you're reading this while leaning over a table or slumped back in a chair. Your head is tilted forward; your shoulders are curved.

Man stung more than 100 times by swarm of bees

Bees flying


A 65-year-old man is recovering after he was stung more than 100 times by a bee swarm Tuesday afternoon.

Strangers lift car to save woman's life

Strangers lift car in China

Strangers in China come to the aid of a woman trapped under a car after an accident.

First-grader denied bag lunch at school

First grader denied lunch


The only thing 7-year-old Xavier loves more than his math homework are his fruits and veggies.

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