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Students, parents borrowing less to pay for college

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While college costs and student loan bills have soared over the past decade, some students and their families are finding ways to spend (and borrow) less.

Man fired from language school over ‘homophone’ blog post

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A man claims he was fired from the English learning center where he worked because his boss thought a blog post about homophones would associate the school with homosexuality.

How to shop for back-to-school tax-free

Shopping at mall

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If you're going to drop hundreds of dollars on back-to-school supplies, you might as well do it now.

Grieving parents drowning in student loan debt get relief

Lisa and Darnelle Mason

Courtesy Mason Family

Steve Mason and his wife Darnelle have been struggling to pay their daughter's six-figure student loan debt ever since she passed away five years ago -- and now they are starting to get some much needed relief.

Weddings? Babies? College kids registering for gifts too

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Move over brides and expectant moms: Now college-bound kids want to be showered with gifts also.

Investors help the rich pay off student loans

Northwestern University

Investors are so hungry for yield in the bond market that they're giving rich college grads money to help pay off their student loans.

Social Finance, a company that uses crowdfunding to refinance student debt, just packaged a bunch of those loans and...

Expelled lesbian accepted at another school

Christian Minard

Courtesy Christian Minard

An honor-roll student who was expelled from Southwestern Christian University in Oklahoma after she married another woman is now enrolled at a different university in the same state.

Obama offers rules for success as he expands program for young minority men

Obama in Oval Office

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

Setting daily goals. Keeping an open mind. Separating honest criticism from blind "hating."

Asia grads searching for Google jobs

Sign at Google campus

Jim Castel/CNN

Asia's top students are hoping to hook up with Western firms such as Google, Apple and Deloitte when they enter the workforce, according to a survey of business and engineering majors.

John Wayne's family, university 'Duke' it out

John Wayne in True Grit

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John Wayne's family is fighting Duke University in federal court over the use of "Duke" to sell whiskey.

Want to study pot? There's a school for that

Medical marijuana 101


A new school is launching this fall that will teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about pot.

Harvard evacuates some buildings amid threat


Harvard University said it has reopened several buildings after receiving a bomb threat.

Several buildings were evacuated at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday after a caller claimed he was armed and had placed bombs around the school.

About three hours later, the ...

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Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada

Hitchhiking robot

From Ryerson University

As far as hitchhikers go, this one looks harmless enough. He or she -- it's hard to tell -- is short and friendly, if a little fashion-challenged.

Drunk passenger throws prosthetic leg at flight crew

Airline, cabin, airplane


A drunk passenger began using profanity and demanding cigarettes before she slapped a child, removed her prosthetic leg and began attacking the flight crew with it.

Oops! Russian soldier Instagrams himself in Ukraine

Russian soldier instagrams from Ukraine

From Sanya Sotkin

A man who identifies himself as a Russian soldier may have inadvertently taken two damning selfies.

Mystery of 'Ground Zero ship' revealed

Ground Zero ship

Cassie Spodak/CNN

We now know where an old sailing ship unearthed during the excavation of the former World Trade Center site came from — and how it came to rest beneath what today is lower Manhattan.

Truck crash spills butter, whipped cream across interstate

Butter spills on Indianapolis highway


A semitrailer hauling boxes of dairy products spilled on Interstate 465 on the south side of Indianapolis around 3:30 Friday morning. The 45,000 pounds of cargo tipped out of the truck, sending butter and whipped cream onto the interstate at the 0.8 mile marker near Madison Avenue.

Avril Lavigne gets 17-carat anniversary ring

Toru Hanai/Reuters

Avril Lavigne's husband, Chad Kroeger, has set a high bar for an anniversary gift.

Beer thrown at tiger during drunken zoo party



The London Zoo is under investigation after complaints that drunken, rowdy after-hours parties are endangering the zoo animals' safety.

Woman causes fatal crash while using 2 cell phones

cell phone texting while driving

iStock / spxChrome

A judge called a woman - and other motorists who use mobile devices while driving - a "plague on society" as he sentenced her to six years in jail following a fatal crash she caused while using two mobile phones behind the wheel.

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