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Two tie as winners of National Spelling Bee

Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam

Mark Bowen/Scripps National Spelling Bee

He was the the cool one, sporting a LeBron jersey under his shirt, never cracking under pressure.

She was the adorable one, winner of Lifetime's "Child Genius" quiz show, all smiles and confidence.

After three grueling days that dispatched 283 spelle...

College-educated workers took biggest pay cut last year

College campus blurb

Here's a twist ... workers with college or advanced degrees saw their wages slip last year, while those with less education fared better.

15 indicted in test-taking scheme

8 test scandal educators maintain innocence


Fifteen Chinese nationals have been accused of participating in a cheating scheme that helped foreign students fraudulently gain admission to American colleges and universities and obtain student visas.

Bon Jovi writes song for Rutgers grads

Jon Bon Jovi singing

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

New Jersey-born rocker Jon Bon Jovi used his commencement speech at Rutgers University to unveil a new song.

Study: 1 in 5 college women raped, assaulted

rape protest

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A new study about the incidence of rape involving college freshmen women will likely add to the ongoing debate about whether enough is being done on campuses to keep students safe.

The study, conducted at a large unnamed private university in upstate ...

HS student earns 8 associate degrees

college classroom lecture hall


For one senior in Texas, he isn't just set to graduate from high school -- he's also graduating from college.

Kids do a lot better when schools ban smartphones

Hand holding cell phone, smart phone, cellphone

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Do you want your children to do better in exams? Then take away their smartphones. (Sorry, kids!)

Schools that ban students from carrying phones see a clear improvement in their test scores, according to a study by the London School of Economics.

"We f...

10 things we know about bullying

Bullying bully teen girls fight


The U.S. Department of Education is hailing what it calls the "first significant decrease" in school-based bullying since the federal government started gathering such data back in 2005.

Asian-American groups accuse Harvard of discrimination


HBS1908/Wikimedia Commons

A coalition of Asian-American organizations says the federal government should step in to change Harvard's approach to admissions, accusing the university of racial discrimination.

In a complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education and the Ju...

Obama: Class segregation is holding Americans back


Americans are becoming increasingly segregated by class, and that's making it harder for many to get ahead, in President Obama's view.

One of the main reasons the American Dream is fading for so many is that the rich are increasingly living with and ...

Man completes college 76 years later

Anthony Brutto

Brian Persinger/West Virginia University

It took NBA star Shaquille O'Neal 11 years to earn his undergraduate degree. Wisconsin grandmother Mary Jo Meyer needed 42 years to get hers. tells kids: Dream of being Steve Jobs, not me

Will i am, February 2015

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Many kids dream of becoming the Black Eyed Peas, but has a message for them: "Our business isn't the business."

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Army may have shipped live anthrax to Australia

Anthrax microscope


In what is emerging as a widening military investigation into the accidental shipment of live anthrax, the Army discovered it may have shipped the live pathogen to Australia back around 2008 or 2009, the Pentagon said Friday.

Following the discovery t...

This alarm clock wakes you up with the smell of cash

SensorWake press photo


The best part of waking your olfactory alarm clock.

Anheuser-Busch canning drinking water for flood victims

water in beer cans

From Anheuser-Busch

Texas and Oklahoma, this drinking water's for you.

Anheuser-Busch is producing cans of drinking water at it Cartersville, Ga, brewery to be distributed to flood victims in need of clean drinking water in Texas and Oklahoma.

The production of water bega...

Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life

Ross Ulbricht


Ross Ulbricht, creator of the underground website Silk Road, which let users anonymously buy and sell anything from drugs to hacking tutorials, was sentenced Friday to life in prison after he made a tearful plea for leniency.

Ulbricht, who is 31, was...

Authorities in India nab suspected spy pigeon

Pigeon spy

Border District of Pathankot

A suspected secret agent is a flying ace -- a pigeon that perched on a home in an Indian village Thursday, barely 2½ miles (4 kilometers) from the border with Pakistan.

Lindsay Lohan off probation after seven years

Lindsay Lohan in court


For the first time in more than seven turbulent years, Lindsay Lohan is off probation.

Police: Thief stuffs assault rifle down pants

AK-47 assault rifle in gun shop

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Police in Florida say a man tried to steal an AK-47 assault rifle from a pawn shop by stuffing the weapon down his pants.

Crime drops at English resort town after mankini ban


Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

A surfer and partygoer destination in England has banned the infamous "Borat" mankini, and officials say the measure has helped curb crime.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.




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