Hand-made spear used to kill Anchorage bear at homeless camp; man cited

A 49-year-old man has been cited for negligent feeding of wildlife after a yearling bear sniffing around the area was killed by spear Friday in East Anchorage .

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan stepping down

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Shawna Shepherd/CNN

President Barack Obama praised Arne Duncan's service as secretary of education on Friday, hours after Duncan said he would step down in December.

"He's done more to bring our education system -- sometimes kicking and screaming -- into the 21st century...

Fewer students are defaulting on their loans

Student loan receipt

Fewer college grads are defaulting on their student loans. That's the good news.

But there were still 611,000 new borrowers who entered default within three years of leaving school, according to an annual report released by the Department of Educatio...

The world's northernmost university

Melting ice in arctic


In the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, in the most fragile ecosystem on the planet, you'll find the world's northernmost university.

How parasites worm their way into schools



Children share all kinds of things when they go back to school -- books, pencils, stories from summer vacation and, unfortunately, pesky and sometimes dangerous parasites that rely on close contact between people to spread.

The newest champion for college students

Sheila Bair

Alex Wong/Getty Images

You know Sheila Bair as a critic of big banks during the financial crisis and a fierce defender of taxpayers. Now she's landed in the world of higher education, fighting for another underdog: the college student.

Formerly head of the FDIC, Bair is no...

Michelle Obama highlights education with #62milliongirls

Michelle Obama

Anthony Umrani/CNN

62 million girls. That's the number of girls around the world who are not in school.

Foreign students praise Xi Jinping in video

Xi Jinping China

CNN Image

Chinese President Xi Jinping has faced a barrage of criticism from U.S. presidential hopefuls recently, but American and other foreign students living in China think he's a handsome, wise and humble leader, who's strong on foreign policy.

At least th...

Why teachers are ditching report cards

School generic

Rob Gonyea/

Lane Merrifield vividly recalls the stress his young son felt when he got his first "C" on a report card.

What made it worse was learning later that the teacher had made a mistake.

"His teacher had accidentally switched his grade with another student...

Father writes check using Common Core math

Math, homework, school, teacher

An Ohio father's illegible check using long-form Common Core math to his son's elementary school has gone viral.

School bus crashes, overturns in Fla. pond


BAY NEWS 9/Newsource

Authorities in Florida are investigating after a school bus carrying elementary students crashed into a pond on Thursday afternoon.

Tennessee is picking up the tab for community college students

Piggy bank, graduation, college savings

iStock / kroach

Free community college for all may sound like a pie-in-the-sky idea, but it is the reality for 15,000 students in Tennessee this fall.

How one high schooler made $80K (without getting a job)

Money cash generic US currency

Penny Mathews/SXC

High schoolers can now earn money for college -- no job required.

Startup developed a program that allows high school students to start banking college scholarship money.

What's the catch?

The money is tied to students' individual achievement...

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