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PFD Amount Could Double, AEDC Says

Some market watchers are predicting this year's dividend to double from last year, and they're saying it may go even higher than that.

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Gas Bills Will Increase by 48 Percent

Some customers are fuming over an Enstar rate increase, although the gas company says it's making up for a warmer than normal winter.

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Bill to Raise Alaska's Minimum Wage Introduced

House Rules Committee bill is worded like a ballot initiative currently scheduled to appear on the August primary ballot. It would increase the minimum wage of $7.75 an hour by $2 an hour over two years and adjust it for inflation afterward.

Biomass like wood chips are used to power biomass boilers

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Energy Authority Pegs $20 Million to Build 14 Biomass Boilers

The Alaska Energy Authority says the six projects will share $20 million are located in Galena, Kake, Ketchikan, Haines, Minto, and Yakutat.

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Report: Regulating Legal Marijuana in Alaska Could Cost Millions

A report by eight state agencies says it will cost between $3.7 million and $7 million to regulate marijuana if Alaskans vote to legalize it, but the report's critics say that number doesn't take into account tax revenues legal marijuana sales would generate.



Price Jump for Amazon's 'Prime' Membership

Online retail giant is raising the price of its popular Prime membership to $99 per year, an increase of $20.

Alaska Permanent Fund Tops $50 Billion

Alaska Permanent Fund Tops $50 Billion

The fund’s collection of stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investments closed at an unaudited value of just over $50 billion on Thursday, but that doesn't mean Alaskans can expect bigger PFDs.

Nome Graphite Deposit Promises Power for the Future

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Nome Graphite Deposit Promises Power for the Future

Growing demand for graphite in electronics like cell phone and laptop batteries is increasing interest in a deposit outside of Nome that could prove to be the largest graphite deposit in North America.

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