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Senate votes to freeze school bond reimbursement program

Alaska lawmakers are attempting to fast-track a bill so the state won't have to help pay for $59 million in school bonds in the state's largest district.

Reduced operating budget passes Alaska House

After a total of nine hours spent in deliberations, the Alaska House of Representatives passed a $4.1 billion operating budget early Friday.

Lawmaker says University budget cuts not enough

Lawmaker says University budget cuts not enough

The University of Alaska sub-committee slashed a large amount of the University's budget for the coming year, Tuesday. These cuts come in addition to the cuts made by Governor Walker in his amended budget. However, some lawmakers are still unhappy with the numbers, saying the cuts should have been deeper.

Walker amends budget to restore homeless funding, adds fresh cuts

State ferries, community jails and homelessness programs are among the winners in Gov. Bill Walker’s proposed budget amendments Wednesday, with deepening Medicaid cuts to be offset by federal funds.

Lawmakers try to work within lean capital budget

While Governor Walker made huge cuts to the state’s operating budget, he also slashed the capital budget from $450 million to $150 million.

Governor on Budget Situation: 'Let’s not Panic'

Governor Bill Walker prepared for his first legislative session since being elected by laying out his vision for tackling Alaska’s fiscal problems.

New LIO building open for business

Maligned by critics for being too expensive, Anchorage’s renovated Legislative Information Office opened for the first time Friday.

South High stadium plan scores a win with planning commission

Much like rivals on the gridiron, friends and foes of a proposed football stadium for South High School sparred late into the evening Monday before an Anchorage Planning Commission meeting.

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