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Star Wars ANA plane

From ANA

ANA launches awesome new "Star Wars" airplane

It's been a wild week for "Star Wars" fans, what with the release of a new trailer for "The Force Awakens" leaving many fans openly in tears on Thursday.

Mt Everest

Larry Lazo/CNN

Everest climbers keep wary eye on icefall

Mountaineers have returned to Mount Everest for this year's climbing season, resuming the quest to summit the world's highest peak after a deadly season last year.

In 2014, the Nepal climbing season ended after a piece of glacial ice fell, unleashing...

Delta plane

Michael Calloway/CNN

Delta to cut international flights

Planning to go to Brazil later this year? It might not be as easy flying on Delta. And you can blame the strong dollar and plunging oil prices.

Best Airlines - Southwest

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Flier removed for poking seatmate with pen

Passengers, keep your pens to yourself.

A female flier was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight Thursday after allegedly jabbing another passenger in the arm with a pen.

The passenger "was removed from the flight for poking her seatmate with a pen ...

TSA, airport security

Jim Spellman/CNN

TSA officers fired for plotting to grope men

Two Transportation Security Administration screeners have been fired after conspiring to grope attractive men at Denver International Airport, Denver police said.

Airplane cockpit computer

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

GAO: Newer aircraft vulnerable to hacking

Hundreds of planes flying commercially today could be vulnerable to having their onboard computers hacked and remotely taken over by someone using the plane's passenger Wi-Fi network, or even by someone on the ground, according to a new report.


Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Hidden cameras show airport workers stealing

Inside a plane at Miami International Airport, baggage handlers are going on a shopping spree with passengers' bags.

What they don't know is that they are being recorded on a hidden camera. The Miami-Dade Police Department set up the camera as part of...

Asiana takeoff fails

Asiana Airlines plane skids off Japan runway

An Asiana Airlines plane overran a runway while landing at Japan's Hiroshima Airport on Tuesday evening, prompting the airport to temporarily close, the Japanese transportation ministry said.

Alaska Airlines airplane

From Alaska Airlines

Ramp agent falls asleep in plane's cargo hold

Getting caught napping on the job is never good. Getting caught napping on the job in the cargo hold of a plane takes it to a whole different level.

Alaska Airlines Flight 448 was just barely on its way to Los Angeles from Seattle-Tacoma International...



You're right -- flying got worse in 2014

If you think airline travel is getting worse, there are now numbers to back that feeling up.

Alaska Airlines airplane

From Alaska Airlines

Agent in cargo hold leads to emergency jet landing

An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Monday after its pilot reported hearing unusual banging.

Flight 448, which had been bound for Los Angeles, returned to Seattle.

Upon landing, a ramp agent was discovered inside the front...

St John Virgin Islands

Barry haynes/Wikimedia Commons

Virgin Islands vacationers possibly exposed to deadly pesticide

Government officials are trying to track down vacationers who stayed at villas in the Virgin Islands who may have been exposed to a deadly pesticide, methyl bromide.

2 areas are now under advisories, watches or severe weather warnings.

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