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Airplane landing

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Airline's unusual problem: It doesn't know where its passengers are

Travelers are all too familiar with the problem of airlines misplacing their luggage. But it's less common for carriers to lose track of large numbers of actual passengers.


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Zika virus could slam these travel hotspots

Popular tourist hotspots in the Americas are poised for trouble as the Zika virus threatens to scare away visitors.

United Delta combo

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Airlines let staff opt out of flights to Zika areas

Two major U.S. airlines say they are allowing staff members to opt out of flights to Latin America and the Caribbean amid escalating concerns over the spread of the Zika virus and its effects on unborn children.

United said Wednesday that it was givin...

Zenith Irfan

Zenith Irfan via CNN

Pakistan's boundary-breaking motorcycle girl

Zenith Irfan's father used to dream of leaving his home in Pakistan to travel around the world on a motorbike.

Thousands stranded at China railway station

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Thousands stranded in train station in China

Being stuck for hours at a train station is unpleasant but even more so if you're trapped with tens of thousands of other passengers.

Vast crowds of people trying to head home for Lunar New Year celebrations were stranded at Guangzhou Railway Station...


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EasyJet unveils plan for 'hybrid' planes

On Tuesday easyJet announced plans to trial the use of hydrogen fuel cells on their planes.

Airport check-in kiosk


The newest airport amenity? Movie theaters

In theory, airports and cinemas seem made for each other.

United Airlines

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United to allow kids to board early once again

Families with young kids are once again getting to go to the front of the line at United Airlines.

American Airlines

From American Airlines

American Airlines is bringing back this free perk...

A free perk is coming back to American Airlines.

Side of Amtrak train

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Amtrak train struck by objects, agency says

Amtrak said Monday it's looking into what struck an Amtrak train traveling between Washington and New York over the weekend.