Just northwest of the Kenai Beach parking lot a municipal park trail can be found. Traveling north by northwest along the trail provides explorers a small taste of Kenai’s local vistas.

A mix of residential zones, beachside cliff views and rough and muddy trails, this trail isn’t marked with any obvious name. It did provide for an active, diverse bike ride on a clear Sunday afternoon in Kenai.

The trail went plenty further than this rider chose to go, but it didn’t appear to be unused for all sorts of tire marks and footprints clearly visible along the ride.

The ride starts off on an uphill toward a campground. With a quick ride down Toyon Way, the trail picks up where the road ends, and just like that a long, narrow trail opens up, hugging a cliff-side Kenai Beach view.

Mount Redoubt was barely visible through wispy clouds far off in the distance. Closer to Kenai, the clear skies provided a nice view of the Cook Inlet.

The ride’s main challenge (if it can be called one) was the unevenness of the terrain. Beyond that this seemingly unnamed trail provided plenty of great spots to pull off to the side and enjoy a spectacular view as well as some nice beds of short grass and sunshine to revel.

Again, this trail kept going long beyond this rider’s reach, and riding it again with more time, it’d be great to spend more time exploring.