Like many first-timers to Glennallen, I thought to myself, what is there to do in this town?

Then I met Carol Keely, a Glennallen resident since 1945. Born in California, her family relocated to Alaska after a sawmill her father worked for burned down. It was employment and the promise of finding a life beyond the hustle and bustle of city life that brought Carol and her family to rustic town of Glennallen. In the 69 years since moving here, Carol couldn’t be more proud to call the town her home.

Glennallen started out as nothing more than a collection of tents while a road between Moose Creek and Palmer. Eventually homes and garages replaced tents. Stores were built. And finally roads began connecting all of the buildings together.

Carol operates a bed and breakfast in the town these days; though looking around, one could see the home as a more of a museum and Carol its curator.

Native artifacts, art and antiques adorn nearly every piece of real estate her walls can afford. Mementos of the years she and the rest of her community have spent have been collected for safekeeping.

More important than any of those material things, Keely has spent her life collecting the knowledge and stories of Glennallen.