Tis the season for Good-Will and Alaskans are proving that to be true.

Rinny Beth is one of the founders of the Pay-It-Forward group in Juneau. The group has been busy during the holidays, donating turkeys for Thanksgiving and trees, presents, and decorations for Christmas.

"Here is Aiden. He is 5-years old and this is his first Christmas tree all decorated," Beth said. Everything was donated by the Pay-It-Forward group. "Aiden is overwhelmed and grinning from ear to ear," she said. "His grandma is teaching him about the Pay-It forward meaning and now he wants to help everyone."

A company contacted Beth on December 17 offering to provide Christmas presents to children in need, as part of the group's Christmas gift operation.

Amber Ashenfelter submitted a photo from a recent shopping trip in Anchorage. Ashenfelter said she was approached by four women in Walmart and was handed an envelope.

"A lady accompanied by three other ladies walked up and handed me this, said 'Merry Christmas!' and walked away," Ashenfelter said. "The generosity blew me away and almost had me bawling in the toy section"

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